News A US F-22 Raptor stealth fighter crashes in Florida-news...

A US F-22 Raptor stealth fighter crashes in Florida-news

A stealth fighter or stealth F-22 Abductor of the United States Area Force crashed on May 15 in the state of Florida during training. Following the accident, Raptor’s fleet at the USAF is 185 units.

The F-22 belonged to 43rd Fighter Squadron (FS) Hunting Squadron forming the 325th Fighter wing (FW) Hunting Wing, qIt operates from the Eglin Base Area in Florida, in training / transformation tasks to the model. The plane fell into the training field adjacent to the base, about 20 kilometers from it, at 9:15 a.m. last Friday, the pilot was able to eject without injury.

The shock reduces the F-22’s training fleet by one unit, but does not directly affect the force of Abductor destined to combat. This does not mean that future accidents do not quickly erode the endowment of these 5-generation fighters, which are only employed by the United States Area Force or United States Air Force (USAF), when Washington refused to export them, despite having requests, like Japan’s.

Lockheed Martin built, between 1996 and 2011, 195 units of F-22A, in addition to facing the expensive development of the device for a total cost of about 67,000 million dollars. The last Abductor It left the multinational’s manufacturing line, in Marietta, Georgia, in December 2011.

In successive accidents in 2004, 2009 and 2012, and the current one, five have been destroyed Abductor, losses to which are added those of some of the oldest, which were stored after exhausting their cells for the expected flight hours. However in 2017, the USAF funded the reconstruction of a deactivated first F-22 to reinforce the flight test fleet.

Gone is the intent proposed in the early 2000s that the USAF planned to purchase more than 400 F-22s to replace all F-15C fighters. Eagle that were currently in your inventory.

However, in 2009, the then Secretary of the US Department of Defense, Robert Gates, stated emphatically about the production of the Abductor: There is no doubt that the F-22 has the unique capabilities we need for interception and the defeat of an advanced enemy area defense fleet () The F-22 is indeed a necessary silver bullet solution in a limited number scenarios, to overcome enemy fighters and area defense systems. However, after a few years, Gates’s decision was found to be premature. The exponential growth of Chinese air power and the appearance of Chinese and Russian 5-generation fighter designs They underscored the growing challenge of absolute superiority in the air for America’s fighters.

In spite of the progressive delivery From the F-35A to the USAF, the F-22A is a decisive element for Washington to maintain the hegemonic area in any global scenario. Currently the USAF has spread its F-22As from the most modern 30/35/40 blocks into five first-line or combat FS. Two framed in the 1st FW that has headquarters Joint Langley / Eustis Base (Virginia), which protect Washington and part of the East Coast. Two others are at the Elmendorf-Richardson Joint Base In alaska and the last FS is framed in the 154th FW of the National Area Guard or ANG (Air National Guard) of Hawi, based at the mythical Pearl Harbor / Hickam Joint Base.

A sixth front-line FS, which was based at Tyndall Base, Florida, disbanded after the hurricane Michael It will seriously damage the base’s facilities in 2018. The USAF distributed the F-22As from that unit to the other FS. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photograph: Time of landing of an F-22A Raptor in Morn, as can be seen in the water tank. (Photo Julio Maz /

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