A vaccine against malaria, help from Europe and the commitment of the Portuguese MEP

“For those who imagine that all this is rhetoric and good intentions, a simple example will suffice”, said Maria da Graça Carvalho. “Days ago, the World Health Organization approved for the first time the use of a vaccine against malaria in children in sub-Saharan African countries. The vaccine in question was developed thanks to the strong direct and indirect involvement of the EDCTP partnership, now called Global Health, which will not only continue, but will be reinforced in this Single Act”.

The statement is from PSD MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, who thus sums up the importance of partnership programs that are building a better world, with particular involvement of the European Union and the teacher herself. “From malaria vaccine to clean commercial aviation”, the theme that Maria da Graça Carvalho presented in Strasbourg as part of the partnerships that open “doors to the future” was also the motto for her opinion column in DN, this week (which you can read here).

The report prepared by the MEP was debated in the European Parliament this Tuesday evening, focusing on the nine European partnerships with industry, within the scope of the Horizon Europe framework programme. At issue is an investment of 20 billion euros, of which at least half will be supported by private partners.


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