A victory for the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro would be a victory for the global Christian right


Jair Bolsonaro speaks at an event of the National Confederation of Municipalities in Brasilia, Brazil, on 23 May 2018.
Photo: Sérgio Lima / Bloomberg via Getty Images

"I would be unable to love a homosexual son," said Jair Bolsonaro Playboy magazine in 2011. "I will not be a hypocrite: I prefer a child to die in an accident rather than to show up with a mustache, but it would have died for me anyway."

Brazil's far right presidential candidate has not moderated his rhetoric much since 2011, and seems to have little incentive to do so. A new poll by Ibope puts Bolsonaro's lead on his opponent, Fernando Haddad of the Center Left Workers' Party, at about 18 points, despite – or perhaps due – a public figure formed of racism, nationalism and an authoritarian affection for the armed forces Brazilian. Bolsonaro said that some black Brazilians are not "suitable for procreation", that a female politician "is not worth rape, it is very ugly" and that the country's violently repressive military dictatorship was "a period of glory for Brazil" . The politician, who has served in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil since 1991, has been compared to Donald Trump repeatedly, and for obvious reasons.


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