A video on how a sea devil asks people for help appeared in the network | Nature | society

Moscow, July 14 – AIF-Moscow.

The fishing hook stuck in the eye of a three-meter manta, also called the devil, but people were able to help him.

It happened on the north-western coast of Australia, transmits The sun The snorkels were swimming when the injured ramp swam towards them. Among the snorkelers was an underwater photographer Jake Wilton. The man often saw this breed, which the locals called Freckle before.

According to Wilton, the manta swam towards him and put an eye where the hook was locked. The photographer is sure that Freckle recognized him and decided he would be able to help her.

Wilton had to dive several times under water, since he only had a mask on him. But consequently, the man was able to detach the hook from the eye of the parsnip. If it were not for him, the freckles could seriously suffer, go blind and even die.



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