A video showing a donkey … and a driver preventing a train disaster in Egypt

In a strange incident, an Egyptian driver stopped a train driving him in order to free a donkey that was found tied to railroad tracks.

The pioneers of the communication sites shared a video of the driver of the train 751, Cairo-Aswan, liberating a donkey tied to the railway strip, between Luxor and Aswan, where he got down on his feet and freed the donkey, which was tied to a rope, avoiding a catastrophic collision.

The driver and his colleague also photographed the unfortunate incident to illustrate the behaviors that some people, whether ignorant or deliberately, practice that may cause disasters.

Egypt had witnessed a tragic accident two weeks ago, as it happened Collision between two trains At Sohag governorate, it resulted in 19 deaths, 3 bags of body parts, and 185 injured.

The Egyptian authorities are still conducting investigations to find out the cause of the accident and uncover its circumstances, while the Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of the train drivers and 6 other officials in connection with the accident.

In turn, the Attorney General, Counselor, Hamada El-Sawy, ordered the imprisonment of the drivers of the two trains Numeral 157 and 2011 Spanish and their assistants, the superintendent of the tower of the Maragha railway station, the head of the central control department in Assiut, and the observers in the precautionary section pending investigations, in the collision incident.

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