A videogame to understand the Great War


"11-11 Memories Retold" follows the fate of two men to draw a fresco of the last months of the last seas.

Brushstrokes to reconstruct the end of the Great War. 11-11. Remembered again takes place in a world that strongly resembles the painting of Vincent Van Gogh. The decor is chameleonic, the colors are adapted to the adventures and emotions of Kurt, a German technician who went to look for his son who was announced dead in action, and Harry, an idealist Canadian photographer, enlisted to join the western front.

This narrative videogame, very easy to discover, weaves the destinies of these two men to draw a fresco of the last months of the last seas. And unlike most war games, you play without a rifle and bayonet. 11-11. Remembered again rather dwell on what is happening around the trenches. "We hope that after playing, young people ask their family what they have experienced"excites Yoan Fanise, director of DigixArt who developed the game with the British Aardman Studios. The game pushed Yoan Fanise's son to ask a question: will he, like Kurt or Harry, go to war? Difficult to answer this question that no longer arises in France, a hundred years later. This is exactly the purpose of 11-11. Remembered again, redesigns the Great War not to forget.

Patxi Berhouet


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