A Visual Guide to Google Ad Extensions to Maximize Ad Space and Increase CTR

[ 매드타임스 한수경 기자] You’ve started a Google advertising campaign for your website, but you often don’t know how to improve your business. You may also be curious about Google ad extensions, but not sure where to start. By using these extensions, however, you can increase visibility and increase conversion rates for your customers. Omnitail shared how Google ad extensions can improve your business.

Seller rating Seller rating extensions include a 5-star rating, number of ratings, and qualifiers (e.g., customer service). Reviews can come from Google Customer Reviews or third-party review sites such as TrustPilot.

phone call Add a phone number or call button to your ad using the extension number. You can set business hours to indicate when you can take calls. On mobile, shoppers can call directly from Add Text. If your site has a phone number and one of your business codes includes calling features, Google may automatically set up this extension for you.

site link You can use sitelink extensions to direct shoppers to a specific page on your website with a description. On desktop, you can display up to six site links. For mobile, up to 8.

location The location extension shows the store location, a map to the location, and the distance to the location (e.g. 2.3 miles). Shoppers can click a link to go to a details page with detailed information about the business, including location, phone number, opening hours, photos and directions.

structured snippet Use structured snippet extensions to highlight products and services. These extensions are indicated by title and then listed. Example: “Service: Oil change, Battery, Repair, Breakdown”. Up to two different lists can be displayed at one time. It should be noted that there is a set list of available titles.

app App extensions connect text ads to mobile or tablet apps. Clicking on the headline takes the buyer to the website. Clicking on the link takes you to the app (either from the App Store or Google Play Store). You can only display one per text ad.

callout Display additional business benefits such as “Free Shipping,” “Made in the USA,” “Family Owned,” and “Free Returns.” This expansion option displays two to six callouts below text ads, which can appear either at the top or bottom of Google search results.

price Display business offers using price extensions. This extension allows you to display up to 8 different offerings and prices. In extensions, shoppers can instantly jump to webpages of interest on your site.

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