A waste hall is burning in Prague. Don’t ventilate, firefighters advise

“Several units of firefighters went to the fire of the hall in the street U Technoplynu measuring 20 times 30 meters in full. There is rubbish inside the hall. The smoke can be seen from several parts of Prague, “firefighters wrote on Twitter in the afternoon.

“The hall is filled with waste over its entire area, the assumption of the intervention time is still a few hours. With the help of a loader, it will be necessary to dig up the waste and finish it properly, ”they added before the second hour.

According to their spokeswoman Kateřina Suchánská, firefighters have no information that anyone could be in the burning building. The firefighter was injured during the attack, who was treated and remains in place.

Fire in Prague’s Kyje

Photo: Prague HZS / Twitter

There are several units of volunteer and professional firefighters on site. “We direct the jets of water through the inner part, despite the altitude technology,” a spokeswoman for the fire brigade described.

The intervention of firefighters is complicated by the low pressure in the hydrant network. “We are still calling in reinforcements, especially for volunteer firefighters, due to a lack of fire water,” said Suchánská.

Fire in the hall in Kyje, Prague

Video: HZS Prague

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