A Waterfall That Keeps Flowing ‘Blood’, Like a Knife Cut

Erabaru.net. Many miracles happen in this world. Maybe you’ve heard of “Crying Island” in the Pacific Ocean, or maybe you’ve heard of “Chocolate Mountain” on Bohol Island, in the Philippines. You may also have heard of “Pink Beach” on Harbor Island in the Bahamas. However, have you ever heard of “Bloody Waterfall”?

This “Bloody Falls” flows from a salt lake under a glacier in Antarctica. The red liquid flows out of the white glacier, then reaches a large ice-free area on the Antarctic Continent – ​​McMurdo Dry Valley. A dry valley on Earth which is the region most similar to the Planet Mars. The strangest region in Antarctica.

At certain times the lake water gushing from the glacier is red, not any other color? At first, geologists thought that the lake water might contain some algae, and the pigments released by these algae made the lake water red.

However, after years of painstaking observations by geologists and scientists, the conclusion about “algae red” has been ruled out, and now people know exactly why the lake that flows there is red.

It turns out that the lake water contains a very large amount of iron, when the lake water radiates out and immediately oxidizes with the air, then the water turns red, forming a magnificent red and white landscape of Antarctica.

Of course, not everyone gets to see this special sight in their lifetime, because after all, this is in remote and very cold Antarctica.

The Blood Falls in Antarctica was first discovered in 1911, when a member of Rob Nor Scott’s Antarctic Expedition named Thomas Griffith Taylor first saw it.

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Recent research has found the presence of bacteria living in this “Bloody Waterfall”. These bacteria survive by relying on iron and sulfur compounds. This is an important discovery.

And researchers in this regard say that this “stubborn” type of bacteria has been isolated in the region for nearly 1.5 million years. It is thought that the water from the “Bloody Waterfall” created by this type of bacteria is to provide a living environment for other extraterrestrial beings in the solar system. (sin/yn)

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