A week of protests in Ferraz: the Police prepare for massive mobilizations on Saturday and Sunday

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They were born spontaneously and are already the main cry against the PSOE’s approach to the demands of the independence movement. The Ferraz protests have been going on for a week, gathering thousands of people around the socialist headquarters again, crying out against the amnesty and the agreements reached in recent days by Pedro Sanchez with the separatist formations in the face of a new investiture.

It is precisely until this date, that of the investiture – scheduled for the end of next week – that the concentrations around Ferraz are expected to be prolonged, at least. Some protests that have had the express support of Vox, whose leader, Santiago Abascal, has participated twice. On the contrary, the PP calls for demonstrations this Sunday in all provincial capitals and on the 18th in Madridin a march organized by civil society.

Vox has announced that it will participate in both cases and that, in this Sunday’s case, it will double its efforts to later attend Ferraz, where a massive participation is expected that in the last two days has approached 10,000 people.

The Police, in any case, expect a weekend of massive mobilizations in the capital, with even concentrations during the day in Ferraz, which is why the extensive deployment of security forces and bodies will continue for the moment for another week. .

Protests that had previously ended with riots and police charges on three previous occasions. On Monday the Police used tear gas against the protesters, on Tuesday they charged against the ultra groups that were trying to break the fence and on Thursday they responded to the throwing of glass and stones with a new intervention. This Friday, security was reinforced in the streets surrounding Ferraz after the disturbances recorded the previous night.

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