A weekend to discover the jewels of the territory, culture and art protagonists of the spring Fai Days

You protect what you love but you love what you know. In the wake of this spirit, the Fai days of spring, now in its 31st edition, to discover the treasures and “hidden” beauties of the area. A weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, dedicated to culture and art to explore the cultural heritage and lesser-known and equally fascinating landscape riches, accessible for all visitors for the occasion.

The Fai delegation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Forlì, Predappio and Santa Sofia, with the University of Bologna, the Ciclope Project and the railway After Work, makes significant places and identities accessible, thanks to the active contribution of the schools. TO Forli the students of the Matteucci Technical Tourist Institute will act as guides Gaddi Palace and in the halls of municipal residence, to discover the works of Felice Giani, as part of the regional celebrations 200 years after the artist’s death. Instead, the students of the Liceo Canova accompany the visitors to the Historical museum of railways and tramways and along the rationalist pathwhich starts from the Flight Museum, continues in the Hall of Globes and in the Hall of the Constellations, and flows into a visit to discover the White Mile, Piazzale della Vittoria and the statue of Icarus.

These are the visiting hours: Palazzo Gaddi, the Town Hall and the Museum of the railways and tramways which can be visited on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March from 9.30 to 12.30 (last visit at 12) and from 14.30 to 17.30 (last visit 5pm). Saturday 25 March at 9.30 visit in English to the Museum of railways and tramways. The rationalist itinerary: Saturday 25 March from 2.30pm to 5.30pm (last visit at 5pm) and Sunday 26th from 9.30am to 12.30am (last visit at 12pm) and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm (last visit at 5pm).

The Spring Days also involve the Forlì area and the Fai Giovani Group organizes a visit to theformer Caproni factory in Predappio discovering one of the two wind tunnels, inside which the Cyclops project of the University of Bologna is based, which exceptionally opens up the spaces to show the activities that are carried out in the field of turbulence study, as explained by Chiara Succi representative of the Young Group and Gabriele Bellani, professor of Aerodynamics at the Alma Mater engaged in research activities at the Ciclope laboratory. Visiting hours: 25 and 26 March from 10 to 13 (last visit at 12) and from 14.30 to 17.30 (last visit at 16.30).

A Hagia Sophiaunder the guidance of Veronica Pretolani, it will instead be possible to visit the river park, which winds through the center of the town, where there are sculptures of contemporary art. Together with the sculptures there are also land art installations along the banks of the Bidente river, and the Milleluci building, in a journey between art and nature in which the students of the Galileo Galilei primary school act as guides. “We have been investing for many years in the creation of contemporary art works – said the councilor for Tourism of Santa Sofia, Ilaria Marianini – with a wealth of exhibitions and initiatives that we can make known today, thanks to these days, and we expect a good response again this year”. Visiting hours: 25 and 26 March from 10 to 13 (last visit at 12) and from 14.30 to 17 (last visit at 16).

“Fai days are a celebration of knowledge – he said Sonia Faccone, head of the Fai di Forlì delegation – and an opportunity to reveal places and sites partly unknown to most. It is right to make all the beauties of our city known, especially to young people, who always show themselves to be involved as we can see from the good collaboration of the schools”.

“This is the environmentalism that interests us and that doesn’t limit itself to saying no to everything regardless – said the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Forlì, Valerio Melandri -. An environmentalism that does and does not complain and collaborates with the administration and that enhances the heritage. I want to underline the extraordinary choice of destinations: from the Railway Museum to our White Mile, from Giani’s paintings, to the former Caproni factory, up to the Santa Sofia river park. I am of the opinion that a city is culturally important for big things, such as large exhibitions, which bring us to the national limelight, but it is also important for small and territorial ones”.

“We thank Fai for the work done and thanks to which we have recovered our Foro Boario – underlined the mayor of Forlì, Gian Luca Zattini – for which we intend to continue with the completion of the works, but we also want to continue to enhance the lesser-known beauties of our city, as is the case with the One opera a month initiative which brings over 550 people to the theater. We would also like to collaborate with Fai for the recovery of the former Eridania, a symbolic place in the city”.

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