“A whole uneducated year has been created.” According to Okamura, the return of pupils to schools is late – ČT24 – Česká televize

The partial return of pupils to schools was announced by the government of Andrej Babiš (ANO) after its meeting on Tuesday. It will take place on April 12 and will cover the first stages of primary and final years of kindergartens, and special schools will also return to full-time teaching without restrictions.

According to the chairman of the SPD, however, the schools should have been open a long time ago, and now that they are being restored, they should have been widespread. “The government is not at all aware that a whole year has been created here, which is not educated, which will have far-reaching consequences that go beyond the current year. It will be a generational problem, “Okamura warned on ČT24.

According to the leader of the opposition SPD, it seems that general government measures (which he considers too repressive and bullying) do not work and the public does not trust the cabinet, which he says will solve the reconstruction of the government and the resignation of some ministers – in connection with the pandemic appoints the head of the central crisis staff of Jan Hamáček (CSSD) and Minister of Health Jan Blatny (for YES).

Okamura: Let’s get inspired in Japan

For his movement, Okamura is proposing a stronger relaxation than the government currently expects, the opening of retail and services, which he would like to compensate with increased protection for vulnerable groups and maintaining a functioning health system.

“The government should stop experimenting and be inspired abroad,” Okamura said, citing Japan’s $ 130 million, which last reported 1,500 new infections, 250 of them in Tokyo. “There are open restaurants and retail, the strategy is created by experts,” he sets the East Asian country as a model.

Jiří Mašek, an MP for the YES movement and a member of the lower house medical committee, contradicts such a trend. According to him, disintegration should only be judicious and slow. “If we opened up restaurants and small shops like in Japan, hospitals would already be overwhelmed. It is something else in an island state, where people have a certain discipline and everything can be corrected in a better way than in the middle of Europe, where we are a completely passable country from a travel point of view. “

The president of the Czech Medical Chamber, Milan Kubek, also disputed Okamura’s incentive to seek inspiration from the Japanese, calling it naive. “Japan has chosen a strict virus elimination strategy, they have controlled the epidemic from the beginning, it is limited to local outbreaks, which are immediately addressed by strict quarantine measures,” he said. “We had a chance to do it in the summer – and we didn’t.”

However, Kubek agrees with Okamura’s reservations about Minister Blatný’s head. “Mr. Blatný’s task was to manage the epidemic, and it is clear that he did not manage the task,” he said, adding that when Blatný took office in the autumn, the pandemic had 3,000 victims, compared to 27,000. “In the autumn, we chose the dilemma of whether we would be healthy or whether the economy would prosper. In the end, we lost both. “


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