Entertainment A woman died when an Elsa Serrano apartment caught...

A woman died when an Elsa Serrano apartment caught fire

A woman died charred when an apartment caught fire in a building in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro, which belongs to the famous dressmaker Elsa Serrano, according to police sources. At press time, firefighters were working at the scene and investigators in the case were trying to confirm the identity of the person who died, amid a wave of rumors that went viral on social media.

The incident began last night on the third floor of a building located at 900 Maipú Street, where Serrano lives. And it took intense work to quell it. The tasks were followed with extreme tension and concern among the people who were close to the place.

Minutes later, when the troops managed to control the fire, they entered the apartment through a neighboring building from the terrace and found the body of a woman that had not been possible to identify given the state in which the body was found. It was confirmed that this was the only fatality from the fire.

In addition, they evacuated all the people who were in other departments when the incident began. And investigators carried out a series of expert reports to try to establish the causes of the event.

At the end of this edition, the body found had not been removed from the department, pending the arrival of the forensic body, in charge of transferring it to the morgue to proceed with its identification.

Elsa Serrano, born in Italy and 73 years old, made her last public appearance a few weeks ago when she was invited to participate in the “Laflia”, “Corte y Confección” program. Of recognized and extensive trajectory, she made designs for countless famous women, such as the first ladies, María Lorenza Barreneche, the wife of Raúl Alfonsín and Zulema Menem.



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