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A young British woman went on a date with an unknown “widower”, but in the middle of the meeting she had to meet his “deceased” wife, Lancs Live reports.

Hannah from Lancaster, UK used the Tinder dating app in 2019 when she came across an attractive man with whom they started talking. After two weeks of online conversations, her new acquaintance decided to invite her on a date. Although she was not particularly impressed by him, Hannah decided to give him a chance, jenata.blitz.bg writes.

“I thought he was a good person, I liked him, but not much. I didn’t think that after the meeting the relationship would develop somehow, but I still decided to go,” the girl said.

The two met in a very popular restaurant, and during dinner the man was moved and admitted that he was still suffering for his beloved, who had recently died of cancer. “She kept talking about how hard it was for her after her death,” says Hannah.

He even showed her a picture of his deceased partner. But suddenly he began to behave strangely.

“Everything was fine, but suddenly he looked up, turned pale and rushed to the toilet,” said the young British woman.

Hannah turned to see what worried her new acquaintance so much, and saw an unknown woman with two children.

“I saw a girl who looked a lot like the one whose picture showed me.”

At first, Hannah decided she was hallucinating. But the stranger left right she asked her if her husband, who had just gone to the bathroom, was meeting with her because he had told his wife that he would work overtime tonight.

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“I just told her he told me about her death,” Hannah said.

The wife was not at all embarrassed by what she heard. According to her, her husband told the same story to at least five other girls.

As Hannah did not want to attend the upcoming scandal, she left money on the table and left. She threatened never to use dating apps again after the incident.

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