A wonderful reflection on the human condition

Through games of mirrors, the novelist Mahi Binebine offers a magnificent reflection on the human condition in his new novel “My Ghost Brother”, whose signing ceremony took place on Friday evening at the cultural center “Les Etoiles de Jamaâ El Fna” in Marrakesh.

Published by Les Editions Le Fennec, this 227-page work straddles between social tale and initiatory novel to lead the reader to the heart of the old medina of the ocher city, through the story of two characters who live together in the same body.

Born in the dark alleys of Marrakech to a penniless but hopeful mother, young Kamal would do anything to bring the sun into the family home. He has the gift of languages, the instinct for encounter, the skill of dialogue. He wants to succeed, to get by. But in his body cohabit two characters, who don’t agree on anything. Both Siamese twins and enemy brothers, one undertakes when the other is lazy.

One is a follower of order while the other delights in chaos. Which of the two will prevail over the other? While the shadow of the huge eucalyptus trees merges with the dust of the engines of tampered mopeds, Kamal runs in search of his future.

“I chose this magnificent place for the first Moroccan presentation of my latest novel + My Ghost Brother + which tells the story of two characters who live together in the same body, who argue, bicker…”, underlined Mr. Binebine in a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news television channel, on the sidelines of the signing ceremony.

“It’s a double character called Kamel and I tell a little about his story, sympathetic but also tragic towards the end”, noted the painter, sculptor, novelist, active member of civil society and “child of Marrakech”. , who has just written his twelfth novel, including “The Stars of Sidi Moumen”, which has been adapted for the cinema by Nabil Ayouch under the title The Horses of God (award winning at Cannes).

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In a magical, wonderful, almost unreal setting where culture meets youth and creativity, this ceremony opened with a reading of moving passages from the novel by the author himself, accompanied by the enchanting lute of the great master, Abderrahim Saher. .

This was followed by the presentation of the novel and the various high-level readings by an audience of academicians, students, artists, writers and thinkers, in particular Edgar Morin, Sabah Abou Essalam and Fouad Laaroui.

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