A worker trapped under the rubble caused by the collapse of a school in the Adorers of Logroño

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One of the three wounded that has caused this Tuesday the collapse of one of the interior facades of the patio of the central school of Adoratrices of Logroño is under the rubble and is wanted by paw patrol dogs of the National Police of La Rioja.

Los three injured, two of whom have been evacuated alive to the San Pedro Hospital from Logroño, the extent of their injuries is still unknown, they are workers on the construction site being carried out at this school, and the causes of the collapse are still unknown.

The Councilor for the Interior of Logroño, Francisco Iglesias, explained to journalists that the person who is trapped is in an area that is difficult to access and all efforts are being made to rescue her, “hopefully alive”, for which work in the rubbish and dogs that are experts in locating people are used.

This event, which also hcaused a gas leakwhich has already been resolved, occurred around 9:45 a.m., when there was a collapse inside the building that was under construction, in a lower three-story side wing.

The councilor has indicated that there has been a collapse from the top floor cascading downwhich has affected the three people who are currently working in the building.

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