France is subject to strict rules to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. Like Belgium, the country has closed its schools, as well as its bars and restaurants. The authorities advocate social distancing to curb the crisis hitting the country. But the measures do not seem to be respected at all levels. A Franceinfo journalist was surprised this Saturday, April 18, to find that the plane in which she was boarding was full. “Me like other passengers were quite surprised to discover that the flight was complete, all the seats being occupied, it was impossible to respect the meter distance between each passenger, told Charlotte Gillard in the newspaper of France 2. The promiscuity was important, few people wore a mask. ”

For the young woman, the situation within the aircraft denoted with that of the airport where respect for distances is rigorously respected. “In the building, there were markings on the ground to stay at a good distance,” said the journalist. “But airlines are not required to enforce these rules on board.”

A parenthesis of the measures which seems problematic. “The airlines are trying to fill the few planes that can still take off,” said Charlotte Gillard. “Airfrance has assured us to try to put these rules in place when the plane is not full and to think about another configuration in the coming weeks but for the moment, it is not yet a question of putting up for sale one seat out of two like the SNCF does for the few TGVs in circulation “.

Questioned by France 2, the president of the scientific council Covid-19 found this kind of situation “deeply regrettable”. Jean-Fran├žois Delfraissy thus pleaded for the supply of transport at the end of the containment to meet the demand. “There will have to be enough to be able to have a social distancing and that we do not end up with crowded transport,” he concluded.

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