A year before the presidential election. Another round of fighting with Babiš awaits Fiala

Neither has officially confirmed the candidacy yet, but according to the bookmakers, the presidential election is already a favorite. General Petr Pavel goes around the republic on a motorcycle, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is getting ready to do so in a motorhome.

And the new Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, is looking for a candidate who, in the colors of the governing coalition – or at least the Together coalition – would manage to compete with Babiš.

Although Petr Pavel came out as a possible Babiš’s conqueror in the internal survey Together, the coalition is not convinced that it should support him. And he’s still looking for his own man.

Presidential series Na Hrad

On January 13, four years have passed since we learned that Miloš Zemana and Jiří Drahoš are advancing to the second round of the presidential election. There is a year left until the next presidential election. That is why we are launching the presidential special Na Hrad on the List of Reports, which starts with a clear graphic of possible candidates, which is worth watching next year. Every week we will bring news, interviews, reports and analyzes as part of the special.

There is a year left until the presidential election, which will decide on Miloš Zeman’s successor. About thirty candidates are speculated, but most of the well-known names are on time with the official start of the campaign.

It’s like a four-year-old script repeats itself. On the one hand of the political spectrum, one strong candidate goes to the polls, on the other hand, the then opposition – today’s coalition – is looking for his counterweight.

And, as then, there is a swarm of candidates on their side who target virtually the same or at least partially similar voters. There is talk of the candidacy of the head of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, for the ODS, who is said to be discussing it at home with his wife.

Exposition Miroslav Kalousek from TOP 09 is also considering his chances. “Somehow I will have to decide by the end of winter,” he said in an interview with Seznam Zprávy.

The intention to run as one of the few was also announced by the unsuccessful candidates from the last election – Senators Pavel Fischer and Marek Hilšer. And according to all signals, the ending rector of Mendel University, Danuše Nerudová, is preparing for the candidacy.

Coalition representatives, who do not yet have a selected favorite, are watching a growing crowd of candidates from a similar spectrum with slight concern.

“It turns out that different names are already appearing in the part of the political spectrum that supports our five-coalition government. So that in the end it does not happen that there will be eight great candidates here, but none of them will have a chance to get to the second round, “fears Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

And Markéta Pekarová Adamová immediately stated that the candidates should not just have the ambition to try it. “People with higher ambitions should go there,” she told Lidový noviny.

It is possible that when the coalition “chooses”, it will try to negotiate with other candidates to withdraw or support the same candidate. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t want to paint black scenarios, but the realistic scenario is that two candidates from radical or populist parties will get to the second round, “Fiala thinks.

Babiš’s competitor, supported by the current government, will be in a less advantageous position. Voters generally tend to balance – that is, to vote in the current government’s counterweight in the next election.

In addition, the presidential election will come after a year of rule with covid or rising energy prices and unpopular attempts to curb the national debt. All this with the strong opposition YES candidate Andrej Babiš in the back. In addition, Babiš is running to be supported in the presidential election by the outgoing Miloš Zeman.


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