A yellow card like no other! The player wanted to hit the drone with the ball, but the referee didn’t get away with it

The heated duel of the Brazilian top flight between Goias and Botafog (0:1) did offer a single goal, but the constant interruptions, and especially a whole series of yellow cards, attracted much more attention. Visiting defender Fernando Marcal also got a close look at one of them, who tried to hit a drone flying above him with the ball while treating his teammate Adryelson, which was met with misunderstanding by the referee.

The 33-year-old Brazilian not only failed to hit the “uninvited visitor”, but also earned a yellow card from the referee, which will surely go down as one of the most bizarre in the entire football history. It was the third yellow warning of the season for the captain of Botafogo, which means that he will have to miss the upcoming duel against Palmeiras.

The footage immediately began to spread on social networks, where thousands of people enjoy it. “I’ll never forget the scene where the players gathered around the referee and Marcal was standing next to them trying to hit the drone with the ball,” one Twitter user joked. another match,” followed up another person.

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