A young man from Děčín could not handle a breakup and murdered a girl, he himself died in hospital

Police spokesman Daniel Vítek informed about the case on Tuesday, according to him, the scene of the crime was an apartment in a block of flats in the village of Jílové.

“There was a violent death of a young woman and a serious injury to a 22-year-old man who was transported to the hospital in a serious state of health,” said the spokesman, adding that the young man eventually succumbed to serious injuries.

Detectives are investigating the case as a homicide, with no indication that anyone else was involved in the tragedy. And the only suspect is a young man.

The police did not provide details on how the murder was committed and what injuries the young man had.

If the investigative version is confirmed, the police will postpone the case, given that it is not possible to prosecute the deceased offender.

“The motive for his actions was apparently to break up with the victim,” Vítek added.

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