A-Z of complementary Retirement System

Output from the system will be on terms which are partial?

Participants under the age of 60, upon request, a time for marriage, to stay unemployed for a time, for reasons such as severe illness and acquisition of housing for each of the first, at the reference date and 10 percent of the amount accumulated in an individual retirement account for the whole of partial in the case of multiple uses traction rate not to exceed 20 percent of the output in each case a partial lump sum payment can be made.

Will be on terms which are output from the system completely?

Withdrawal and exit completely from the system that does not have the right to leave, the retirement period when it expires, in cases of the employee’s death or disability will be. Will be connected to itself when the employee is retired-month period will be removed from the system when it is over.

Pay periods will be realized in which the state contribution to individual accounts?

The state contribution to individual accounts in cash, the payment will be made. Payment is transferred to the system working and employer and employee contributions will be held until the end of the month following.


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