Abascal calls for a "permanent mobilization" of Vox against the "threats" from the left

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The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, called this Monday to the territorial high command of his party to mobilize “permanently” against the “threats” of the left: the “blow up of the rule of law”, the pacts of Pedro’s Government Sánchez with “coup plotters and terrorists”, the “immigration invasion” suffered by our coasts, the insecurity in the streets due to the release of sexual offenders or the “admiration” professed by a part of the Minister council “for the terrorism of Hamas” in the last days.

This Monday, Abascal led a work meeting with the newly appointed vice presidents and regional advisors of Vox. A meeting that served to stage the closing of ranks between the regions and the Vox leadership after starring in controversies in several autonomies in recent weeks. The president of the formation asked his people to lead the protest in the streets and demonstrate continuously as a sign of rejection of the left’s roadmap. Vox was already present last week in the civic mobilization against the amnesty in Barcelona and its leadership will also participate in the call on Sunday, October 29 in Madrid by the Denaes Foundation, but that is not enough, according to Abascal.

As this newspaper has been reporting in recent days, Vox seeks, through a unified response on the street, to heal the first crises in the institutions of which it is a part: the resignation of its only advisor in the Extremadura joint due to disagreements with the toughest sector of the party leadership, the expulsion of the councilors of the local government team of Gijon or the continuous friction with the Popular Party in several of its coalitions.

In fact, Abascal had words for his partners in five regional governments and a multitude of city councils, whom he accused of causing a “permanent apartheid” against Vox and its voters by constantly circumventing their proposals and measures. In any case, he celebrated that the Vox program is establishing itself “little by little”, “very much in spite” of the popular.

The president of Vox took advantage of the meeting with the vice presidents and advisors to increase pressure on the PP and demand that those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo that they put an end to all regulations “that end the freedom” of Spaniards in their territories, in line with Vox’s promise to repeal all ideological laws designed by the coalition government.

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