Abascal makes the PP ugly "incomprehensible partisanship" for not demonstrating together and urges Feijóo to do so on November 18

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The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, this Monday disgraced the Popular Party for its “incomprehensible partisanship” for not participating in the massive demonstration against the amnesty held on Sunday in Madrid in which they participated 100.000 personasaccording to Government Delegation. For this reason, Abascal urged the popular to join a new call for civil society, scheduled for November 18 also in the capital, to which Vox has already confirmed its presence.

This is a concentration called at 12:00 p.m. in Cybele by Freedom and Alternative Forum Foundation, Spain Civic Forum, Union 78, Catalan Civic Coexistence and a good part of the groups participating in Sunday’s event in Colón, such as Foot on Wall o Neos.

“There is no doubt, we will be there supporting this mobilization, without any type of partisanship,” Abascal announced this Monday, who appeared by surprise at the Vox headquarters to celebrate the impressive attendance numbers at the rally organized by Danaes -the foundation from which Vox was born-, well above the 20,000 people that the PP gathered at the same time in the center of Málaga and even higher than the 60,000 who participated in the great rally popular on September 24 in the Plaza de Felipe IIin Madrid.

Therefore, in response to the response from the street, the president of Vox said he was “committed” to “permanent, constant and growing mobilization”, and called on the main opposition party to put aside the acronyms and participate alongside others. political and civic formations at the event on Sunday, November 18.

The separate holding of the demonstrations has opened a fight between the PP and Vox over attendance figures. This Monday, the general coordinator of the popular, Elias Bendodo, expressed his surprise at the fact that both the organization of the event – a foundation related to Vox – and the Government Delegation – dependent on the central Executive – coincided in the number of participants in Colón. Some statements that irritate the Vox leadership.

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