Abascal says he is "willing to everything" in the interview in which Tucker Carlson compares the situation in Spain with "the start of the Civil War"

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On Monday, Santiago Abascal He attended the protests on Ferraz Street with a surprise guest. Next to him was one of the most influential journalists in the world: the controversial Tucker Carlsonwho took advantage of his stay in Madrid to have an interview with the leader of Vox, which he uploaded this afternoon to his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter), the platform on which he publishes his work after being fired from Fox News a little over a year ago.

Carlson, who according to some North American media could be the vice president of the United States if Donald Trump wins the elections in 2024, begins the interview by defining Spain as “a relatively small country that tends to anticipate what is happening in the rest of the world” and explaining that it was the Vidal-Quadras attack that led them “to pay attention.” Furthermore, he makes an analogy between this event, the Spanish political situation after the amnesty and the decade of the 1930s. “The shooting took place at a time when the left is trying to take over the country illegally, offering amnesty to terrorists to have control. Something similar happened in the 20th century, when thousands of people, especially Christians, were killed with shots in the back of the head or burned alive. It was the beginning of the Civil War.”

During the half hour that their talk lasts, Abascal and Carlson discuss a multitude of topics, from the situation in Spain with the Amnesty Law, to immigration or the role played by the tycoon. George Soros in Western politics. “It would be good for the rest of the world to understand that Spain has been the testing ground for wokismo more extreme, with extreme climate agendas, with tremendously radical gender laws,” Abascal begins, defining Sánchez’s inauguration as a blow to the Constitution and the nation. “This Government has initiated a constituent process. He has put on the table an Amnesty Law for the worst crimes committed by public representatives. The judges are talking about the beginning of the end of democracy and the abolition of the rule of law. “The government is walking down the path of the most absolute illegality.”

“I am willing to do absolutely anything,” Abascal continues when Carlson asks him if he would be willing to go to jail. “Either the tyrant sits in the dock or the opponents in jail.” Questioned about Soros and his role in Spanish politics, Carlson is surprised when the president of Vox explains that this was the first person Sánchez met with when he became president. “He has never answered my questions in Parliament.” Asked about illegal immigration, one of the topics most used by Trump, Abascal assures that the Spanish population “regardless of who they vote for” is against mass immigration, but accuses the media and political elites of having a discourse alien to this reality. “They dare to stigmatize their own people, they call anyone who asks for legal and orderly immigration to be xenophobic.”

“The protests must last as long as this Government lasts,” Abascal concludes, who throughout the interview shows a lot of complicity with Carlson. The leader of Vox has been the 40th protagonist since the American was fired from Fox News, a network of which he was the most recognized face, for stating that Joe Biden won the presidential elections in 2020 through electoral fraud. The talk between Tucker Carlson and Santiago Abascal has garnered more than 2 million views in less than three hours since its publication.

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