Abascal threatens to break his autonomous governments with the PP if he processes the amnesty in the Senate: "They would make it very difficult for us"

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The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, threatened this Wednesday to break the alliances that his party maintains with the Popular Party in various regional governments if Alberto Núñez Feijóo does not order the Senatewhere the popular have a majority, oppose the processing of the amnesty law, registered this week in the Congress by the PSOE.

“Put aside any doubt and give instructions to the Senate not to process the coup law,” Abascal urged the opposition leader. If he does not do so, he warned him during the first day of the investiture, Vox will understand that the PP “collaborates laterally with Sánchez’s coup.”

A circumstance that, if it occurred, would blow up bridges with Vox: “It would prevent us from collaborating with you in the rest of the institutions,” said Abascal. “They would make it really very difficult for us.”

Both Abascal and the other 32 deputies of the Vox parliamentary group stood up to Sánchez. Once the party leader’s intervention was over, all Vox members left the chamber to join the demonstrations against the amnesty, as they have been doing since the protests began almost two weeks ago. Abascal and his men went out around the Lower House, to Neptuno Square, to join the protesters gathered at the doors of Congress and, from there, march towards Ferraz.

Minutes earlier, tension had broken out between Francina Armengol and Santiago Abascal when the leader of Vox assured during his speech that Sánchez is trying to carry out “a coup d’état” and, like Chávez, Maduro or Hitler, “maneuver” from power to break democracy.

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