Abdel Halim sings to Amr Diab, “Don’t Talk About It” by means of artificial intelligence (video)

The architect, Mohamed Shukry El-Khouly, published, through his personal account on Facebook, the first project using artificial intelligence, through which he restored Abdel Halim Hafez to the artistic scene, by singing the most famous works of Amr Diab.

The design consultant used a technique artificial intelligenceto produce a project out of training the machine on acoustics, with a compound training process to transcribe the Nightingale’s vocal tunes over any audio content.

Al-Khouli wrote: “Since I artistically adore the nightingale Abd alhalim And for sure, the icon of Geely, Amr Diab, the first of the experiments must technically link the two parties.

And the Nightingale sang, through artificial intelligence, to Al-Hadaba, three of his most famous songs, and they are: “What he talks about”, “Thank you from here for his firstborn” and “You believed me”.

Al-Khouli explained in statements to “Al-Masry Light” that this project is unofficial and is under testing.

He added that all artists’ rights are reserved for them as melodies and lyrics, and he also hoped that the purpose of research and the possibilities of development would reach them with the world of artificial intelligence.

He says: “The machine is currently being trained, or Machine Learning, on more complex and professional models. Whether I succeed or not, I am very happy with this experience.”

Al-Khouli continued that the model descriptors do not depend only on phonemic transcription, but rather convey the method and style of singing and vocal tones.

Social media users interacted with the El-Khouli project, achieving about 35,000 views, and dozens praised the idea and expected its development over time.

Al-Khouli revealed that he finished training artificial intelligence with a more complex and detailed model on the vocal tones of the artist Baha Sultan, as he considered it a rare vocal material.

He says, “I train Bahaa’s voice for songs Mohamed Roshdy And Muhammad Fawzy, and I made a test result, and I personally bet on the success of this model to a large extent, God willing.”

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2023-05-22 17:01:50

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