“Abidal is in shock”: ex-player remains in Barcelona and still hasn’t been heard from – France

Lawyer assures former French player is not involved in ‘Hamraoui case’

Olivier Martin, Eric Abidal’s lawyer, assured in statements to L’Équipe’ that the former French player is not involved in the ‘caso hamraoui’ and that he has no problems in making statements in court. “He is in shock despite being a strong man. Abidal is in Barcelona, ​​at his home, where the media storm also broke out. But despite the noise around him, there is no ‘Abidal case’… There is only one court information for facts violent against two players. He told me that if the judge interrogates him, he will answer him without any problem because he is not involved in this case,” said the lawyer. Hayet Abidal, wife of former French international Eric Abidal, will file for divorce following the former full-back’s alleged involvement in the attack on Paris Saint-Germain player Kheira Hamraoui. The information was transmitted this Friday by the lawyer of Hayet Abidal, Jennifer Losada.

“Forced by the circumstances and with an aversion to the ‘Hamraoui case’, Hayet Abidal will seek divorce. After the Prosecutor of Versailles revealed that the player’s cell phone card was in the name of her husband Eric Abidal, he confessed that he had a relationship adulterer with ‘Madame’ Hamraoui. From that moment, Hayet Abidal moves to a lawsuit in the hope of cleaning up her honor and reputation, damaged by the rumors. As she did this week, she asks to testify before investigators, reiterating the their desire to be heard as soon as possible, in a case that has already caused several collateral victims”, reads the statement.

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