Abigail’s mother, after the viral video: “My daughter hopes that God will do the miracle”

“She asks God to do the miracle; he wants to go back to his normal life ”. The one speaking, with a broken voice and tears in her eyes, is Carmen Jiménez, the mother of Milagros Abigail, the 12-year-old girl who has cancer and who was not allowed to enter Santiago del Estero.

Abigail’s case shocked the country. LThe girl returned with her parents, Diego (39) and Carmen (35), from Tucumán, where they had gone for an oncological control. At a police checkpoint in Santiago, on the border between the two provinces, they were not allowed to pass because they did not have the corresponding permits. His father He took her out of the truck, carried her in his arms and crossed the control on foot. They just wanted to get to his house, in Las Termas de Río Hondo.

The video in which Abigail is heard crying non-stop and her desperate parents went viral. And on social media, celebrities and strangers echoed the nightmare that this family lived. Even artist Damn Weasel portrayed that scene in an illustration, which was also shared exponentially. That drawing was taken by former president Mauricio Macri to post it on his Instagram account and to tweet it. Like him, other referents of the opposition expressed their repudiation of the situation.

This Saturday, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, questioned “the use of the pain of others by politics.” The Santiago government had assured on Friday that Diego only walked 70 meters, and not five kilometers as he claimed, because did not want to wait for authorization from the Emergency Committee, which took 20 minutes.

Carmen prefers not to go into the repercussion that the case had, which turned them into trending topic. Yes it talks about the protagonist of this story, and his fight against bone cancer in one of his legs. Technically, what the girl suffers from is sarcoma de Ewing, a type of cancer that occurs in the bones or in the soft tissue around the bones, and for this disease she has been treated for five years at the Hospital del Niño Jesús, in Tucumán.

Abigail with her family. The girl that her father crossed in his arms to return to Santiago del Estero.

“Five years ago she hit herself playing on the sidewalk at home. after a while it started with pains; We took her to Santiago and they didn’t find anything for her, “she recalls. As Abigail was still in pain, they decided to go to Tucumán. Diego, the father, did not have a stable job, so he went to ask the municipality of Las Termas to help him to pay for the trips. At first they gave him subsidies, but over time, they hired him at the Public Works Department. Thus, he got transportation for her daughter and a fixed salary.

“She has a normal life, full of affection that her family gives her and she has a lot of support from us,” says Carmen. Abigail can’t walk, moves with crutches or in a wheelchair; Until before the pandemic, he attended the Armed Forces school in person. “Now she does her homework virtually, she’s in sixth grade and she wants to go back to her normal life,” remarks the mother.

Last year, the baby had to be transferred to the Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires, and the Santiago government gave them a subsidy to pay for the transfer. When they returned, the parents decided that they would continue to be treated in Tucumán because “the treatment is going well, as they told us,” continues Carmen.

“She is bad now, we realize, because lives anguished by the diseasesince she can’t make her life, like when she was a child. He cannot go out to play, and many other things. Go to know what will have in his head “, Carmen raises.

The illustration made by an artist from Tucumán to reflect the nightmare the Jiménez lived through at a police checkpoint.

The illustration made by an artist from Tucumán to reflect the nightmare the Jiménez lived through at a police checkpoint.

The mother assures that Abigail “the only thing that asks is that God do the miracle; he wants to go back to swimming, which is what he liked the most. She had a normal life, “he insists. Until the disease was detected, he practiced swimming in the Llajta Sumaq pool, the public swimming pool in Plaza Güemes, in the center of Las Termas de Río Hondo.

In addition to Abigail, Diego and Carmen have an older daughter, Camila, 17, who is finishing high school. She also collaborates in taking care of her sister and of things in the modest house in the San Martín neighborhood in Las Termas. The father, in addition to his municipal salary, does “changas” to earn a few more pesos and help with the maintenance of the home, such as cutting the lawn or selling churros from time to time. Carmen is a housewife and is in charge of supervising everything.

The Jiménezes want to access the possibility of consulting for their daughter’s cancer, but they do not have the means. “In Córdoba there is a place where the best infectologists are,” he says, hoping to take Abigail to be examined by another specialist.​.

“The only thing I can ask for as a mother, is that pray a lot for my daughter she begs, andmotion–. I also ask them to find out where they can do studies, to see how they can help us. “

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