Abnormal sales of hydrochloric acid in DIY stores in Essonne


The authorities of Essonne, police, firemen and gendarmes, have been on the alert since Saturday afternoon. At least two do-it-yourself stores in this department in the south of the Ile-de-France had their stock of hydrochloric acid completely depleted.

The report was produced by Etampes' Weldom store, which refused to sell in the face of abnormal quantities requested by customers. The store then called 17 to notify. Other stores, Montgeron-Vigneux-sur-Seine Castorama and Villabé Bricorama, also warned the police after their stock was sold in one day.

To create firecrackers or Molotov cocktails?

Normally, this product is used to descale or unblock tubes. "But on the eve of July 14, it is feared that it is used to make firecrackers or Molotov cocktails, a police source confirms. It can be launched on our colleagues. Another source fears" the same bombs of 2018 manufactured in the district of La Forêt a Montgeron "." Knowing that this product was sold in such quantities, we will not hire our staff, says a source at the fire department, we will evaluate the risk and if there is no danger to people, it will burn . "

Because hydrochloric acid is an ingredient that allows the production of homemade bombs. "It is a corrosive product that can cause a lot of damage to the skin and eyes", says the same source in the fire department, which states that it must immediately rinse the part of the body that can be touched. "

The liquid can produce a powerful explosion

This transparent liquid mixed with aluminum spheres can produce a powerful explosion. This cocktail has already been used against the police during episodes of urban violence. Faced with the multiplication of the facts in which this product was used, several prefects, including the Somme, had taken the order in 2013 to ban sales to minors.

The current context is unfavorable in Essonne, where for several nights clashes between young people and police in Grigny and Corbeil-Essonnes. On these occasions, officials were fired from fireworks after the African Cup of Nations matches.


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