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About medical manipulations with mortality “from the coronavirus”: a_nalgin – LiveJournal

Official # coronavirus mortality statistics raise questions and even give birth suspicions. According to popular belief, doctors – or rather, medical officials – by hook or by crook overstate the number of deaths from CoVID-19 and in every way exaggerate the scale. For example, to get additional financing Here and nowas well as in perspective.

And I must say, these suspicions baseless.

April 16 WHO updates guidelines on deaths caused by new coronavirus infection. In short, a patient with a confirmed positive SARS-CoV-2 test who has died from any form of pneumonia, ARDS, or respiratory failure should be counted as a victim of CoVID-19 in the statistical reports. And even legitimate suspicions of a coronavirus can be quite enough.


Because in the interest of public health, it is important to consider this factor.

An exception is when an infected SARS-CoV-2 died, for example, from a heart attack or from life-incompatible injuries resulting from an accident. But there too recommended analyze the extent to which the virus could affect the cause of the emergency.

Well, here you can’t exclaim “The conspiracy of doctors!”?

But in fact such an interpretation by WHO is not unusual. Almost also taken into account, for example, mortality “from the flu.” In particular, when in the States, the FDA analyzed deaths. against flu behind one year, it turned out that from the classic flu pneumonia died less than a quarter patients and the rest flu victims recorded not only those who died from bacterial inflammation of the lungs, but even infants in whom the inflammatory process developed as a result of amniotic fluid aspiration during childbirth.

That is, the accounting methodology is quite relevant common flu.

But what doesn’t correspond to it at all – on the example of data on neutral Switzerland, which has chosen a “reasonable” policy in terms of countering the epidemic.

1. Over the past year, approximately 1600 deaths from the flu, meaning it is about 150-300 deaths per month averagewithout strict quarantine measures. And CoVID-19, despite the organized opposition, claimed 600 lives only the first month, not statistically the most significant.

2. Only in a month more 2200 patients were hospitalized for CoVID-19 and around 500 of which were for health reasons transferred to various intensive care units almost simultaneously: with the flu, such a picture was not even close.

3. According to statistics, about 8% Nursing staff caring for patients are also infected with the flu. But almost none of them does not die From him. CoVID-19 is infected from 25% before thirty% of hospital staff, despite protective equipment and handwashing. Moreover, these people, unfortunately, show high mortality. Dozens doctors and nurses who took care of patients with COVID-19 have already died from the same infection. There is nothing like this with the flu.

Another “argument” coronavirus deniers, about the surge in additional mortality, also seems to not withstand a collision with a depressing reality. Colleague ffedd_ya very intelligibly compared here and here the sad statistics for cities and countries. Alas, miracles did not happen, even taking into account the inevitable delay of statistical accounting. Everywhere visible “additional” victims, and in a statistically significant amount, unfortunately.

Bergamo, Italy’s most affected city.

London, weekly statistics.

Large Paris, daily statistics, unfortunately, lagging (for March). Almost an increase in mortality threefold.

New York.

In all cases, you must consider decline mortality from crime and accidents following the introduction of various restrictions and quarantines. And even with this amendment, the number of deaths is visibly higher than in calm years. What more are needed evidence, in order to understand and believe that everything is serious, and statistics – even if slow, but objective?


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