Abu Hashima’s money.. Mona El-Shazly shocks the artistic community from inside Yasmine Sabry Palace in Alexandria (elegance beyond imagination)

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Yasmine Sabry is one of the artists who loves to share with her fans many details of her life. She always publishes through her account on the Instagram photo and video site, photos of her while she is at her home.

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, previously appeared in a television interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, from inside her house in Alexandria, and she conveys the details of her daily life to her fans and reviews the features of her home, its distinctive decorations, and the colors in which it is present.

In it, she confirmed that she greatly prefers the kitchen of her home and spends a lot of time in it, then does her exercise exercises on a daily basis, and then moves to the club with her bicycle.

She also prefers to sit in the living room and play with her pets and read the works that are presented to her and always prefer to spend her time in complete calm.

And it turned out that Yasmine Sabry’s house has a swimming pool and there are some sports machines so that you can exercise at any time, and the style of the kitchen in this house was the American kitchen.

Although Yasmine Sabry followed the fashion of modern furniture, her choice was distinctive and elegant, adding to the luxury of the house.

Yasmine Sabry had moved to the marital home with businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima before their separation, and she shared with her followers a number of snapshots during her stay in this house.

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The marital home had a large garden and there was a gym, because of Yasmine and her husband’s love for sports, she always showed up with a sport like yoga.

The house from the inside was distinguished by luxury and elegance, and most of the choices were in the classic style, and the choices were distinguished by neutral colors that gave the character of calm and sophistication.

The villa’s garden gives a sense of calm due to the landscape of trees, in addition to the white furnishings that make the space appear larger and more elegant.

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