Abu Raida: the club World Cup will not conflict with African nations


Sunday 27 October 2019


Hani Aburaida, a member of the FIFA Executive Council, confirmed that he is passionate as a representative of African football in FIFA in order not to contradict the dates of the 2021 Club World Cup with the African Nations Cup of 2021 in Cameroon, while he attended the meetings of the Congress and committees of the People's Republic of China, Planning the launch of the Club World Cup in its new form.

The FIFA Congress has approved a new system and a date for the Club World Cup, where the first edition of the nascent tournament will be held in China from June to July 2021, with the participation of 24 teams, and it was feared that the dates of the new tournament with the dates of the African Nations, which will be held in the summer Every two years, this is the first declaration of a senior official of the International Federation in this regard.

On Sunday, Abu Raida stated in a press release that competition officials in the International Federation confirmed that competition times will take into account the time and comfort needed for players on the African continent to be able to participate with their teams and clubs in order to not to influence negatively if they participate in the Club World Cup or the African Nations Championship.

Abu Raida emphasized the great technical and economic returns of African football and its clubs to participate in this world championship, which contributes to the development of football in Africa and to competitions in club tournaments.

Abu Raida concluded his remarks, emphasizing the greatness of the Egyptian clubs, in particular Ahli and Zamalek, wishing them and the representatives of the Egyptian football success during the African club championships to qualify and participate in that world championship, for what he will bring a big leap in the development of Egyptian football.


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