Abuse case in Lügde: SPD calls for resignation of Interior Minister Reul


Due to the continuing investigation in the misuse of Lügde calls the SPD faction in the North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag the resignation of Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU). "The Minister of the Interior promised enlightenment, he failed," said Hartmut Ganzke, the SPD's spokesman for internal affairs to SPIEGEL. Reul "did not handle the situation" and had become "a security risk in this country". "Reul must now take responsibility and resign."

Background of the demand of the opposition is a new find of data carriers at the scene, a campsite in Lügde. There are several men around the main accused Andreas V. for years at least 40 children abused.

Andreas V. has been in custody since December 2018. A local company tore up its lot at the campsite this week after it had been officially cleared by the police and prosecutors. In the demolition work on the caravan of V. the company employees found several data carriers, which had apparently not been ensured in the searches of the police.

"Demolition contractor had to take over work of the police"

According to a statement from Bielefeld police, it consisted of two CDs and two floppy disks, which were found in a space between the double wooden floor of the caravan. The data carriers have meanwhile been handed over to the authorities. The research network from "Süddeutsche Zeitung", NDR and WDR had first reported on it.

"A demolition contractor had to take over the work of the police and ensure evidence, though Reul had announced that he would not let one stone on the other in the Enlightenment," says Ganzke.

The parcel of V. had been searched several times since December. Again and again, the investigators overlooked evidence, as it became known later. In addition, officials of the District Police Department Lippe, who was initially responsible for the investigation, apparently took years for reference to the acts of V. not serious enough. For this reason, Minister of the Interior Reul has been exposed for months to the charge of being responsible for the official failure in this case.

In his resignation request, Ganzke also addresses mistakes made by the District Police Department Lippe in dealing with the children. During the interrogations, standards for questioning victims of abuse were probably not met, so some of the victims had to testify to the police a second time.

"The interrogations of the traumatized and raped children were partly not professionally carried out," says the SPD politician. "Now the children have to relive the trauma of the interrogation." One should not leave the Enlightenment "to chance," says Ganzke. Instead of transparency, Reul "only for further mistrust."


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