‘Acacias 38’: 1,300 chapters and a new time jump

‘Acacias 38’ broadcasts its chapter 1300 tomorrow. The fiction reaches the figure in one of the peak moments of the plots of its protagonists, and with important changes for the next installments. With the resolution of one of the main plots of the series in recent months, the lives of all its protagonists will take an unexpected turn from chapter 1302 that will air next Thursday, August 6.

Notice: This article contains spoilers.

Santiago retains Genoveva and Felipe. His intention is to make the woman confess to Marcia’s crime, something she will achieve by torturing Felipe. To avoid her husband’s suffering, Genoveva ends up confessing that it was she who ended the life of the Brazilian …

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But nothing is what it seems. Everything has been a set-up to obtain his confession. Genoveva will discover it when the rest of the assailants reveal his identity.

In the neighborhood, things are not much better. Especially for the Bacigalupe. Marcos must go to Mexico to solve his problems with the Quesada … although Aurelio and Natalia will do their part in his absence … the girl will get dangerously close to Antoñito.

Chapter 1302 begins months after the previous one. Life continues in the neighborhood, although very different from what we have seen previously. Genoveva is in prison after confessing to being the author of the murder of Marcia. The girl prepares her revenge …

Meanwhile, in the neighborhood they wonder what has happened between Felipe and Genoveva … Especially Liberto, who has no news of Felipe.

In addition, in the same chapter we will experience two important returns … The one of Marcos and the one of José Domínguez … The gentlemen return to the neighborhood months after their departure, each one for different reasons.

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Marcos returns with the job done. He has managed to seal the peace with Don Salustiano, the patriarch of the Quesada, although he does not come with good news … his return is clouded by a terrible event … what has happened to Felicia?

Just as sad is the return of José Dominguez, who returns from Argentina after facing a tragedy … But what has happened in Latin American lands? Are the neighbors’ suspicions about José and Alodia true?

We leave you the preview of tomorrow’s chapter:

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