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Acapulco Shore 7 complete chapter 2 in Mazatlan by MTVLA: LIVE WATCH HERE premiere the second episode of a new season of the MTV reality | Nacha | Mane | Jawy | Dania | MTV Play | Where to see Acapulco Shore 7? | Acapulco Shore 7 chapter 1 | series mobile Acapulco shore | Movies and series

Acapulco Shore 7 LIVE chapter 2 complete | The reality recorded in Mazatlan, Mexico, and broadcast by MTVexceeded expectations thanks to the holidays without control and polemical discussions that turned the series into trend during its opening week.

Previously, themselves karime, Mane and company had announced that they were returning recharged for this seventh season, which was demonstrated last week when remecieron social networks with the fight between Jawy and Dania.

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However, the followers of Acapulco Shore 7 were left with the expectations to know what will happen after the fight and how shall the ties of relations within the ‘Home Shore’.

Acapulco Shore 7: at what time opens the second chapter?

The second chapter of the successful series mexican will be held this Tuesday, 9 June at 22:00 h. (mexican time).

Progress of the second chapter of Acapulco Shore 7

The second chapter Acapulco Shore 7 will bring more parties and controversial discussions of the boys ‘shore’. Here we leave the advance of the second episode.

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How and where to see the second episode of Acapulco Shore 7?

Know where and how to watch LIVE the second chapter of Acapulco Shore 7, below we detail all the systems of pay television that contain the MTV channel in its programming, so you can enjoy the reality of mexico.

Dish Network: MTV Channel 260.

Sky: Channel 70

Megacable: Channel 606 (SD)

Axtel: Channel 685

Also, on Wednesday, June 10, the second episode of the most successful version of the franchise ‘Shore’ will be available on the streaming platform Paramount+.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those fans that just follow the series and want to see it from the start, the platform Pluto TV placed in its varied offering of series the first three seasons of Acapulco Shoreas well as the first three installments of the program AcaPlay, in which the boys ‘shore’ revive the best moments of each season.

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Summary of the first chapter of Acapulco Shore 7

In the first episode of Acapulco Shore 7 discussion took place involving Dania, Mane and Jawy, who came to blows and shoving near the pool.

This strong verbal discussion that ended with Dania in the pool, after being pushed by Mane. However, the situation is aggravated more when he Jawy, who used the force against Dania to defend his girlfriend.

This fact has generated criticism, so recently the guy ‘shore’ used his account of Instagram to apologize to Dania and raise the possibility of sitting down to clarify the differences.

What is it about Acapulco Shore 7?

The plot of this successful series mexican revolves around the feasts without control, the bonds of friendship and the controversial discussions between the guys reality, disputes that are showed in the first trailer of Acapulco Shore 7.

“It comes very fun, very comical, very silly. The I define as the most fun, the funniest, the most comical of all,” he said Jawy during a press conference.

Who are the participants of Acapulco Shore 7?

For this seventh season of Acapulco Shore, the series will include some new participants:

– Themselves karime

– Mane

– Jawy

– Colt

– Chile

– Fernanda

– Dania

– Jey

– Dew

– Thaddeus

Who is Nacha Michelson?

Ignacia Michelson, the popular nacha, was born in Chile and has 26 years of age, before becoming a star of reality shows, Nacha was a model of fitness for a television company paid-specializing in sports.



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