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The Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is one of Samsung’s latest smartphones and an excellent option today for you who are a multitasker and need an innovative device for all moments and activities. One example of this is the Z Fold4’s “Flex Mode,” which lets you use the foldable screen to your advantage with up to three apps on the main display panel, such as joining a video call, opening the calendar, and taking notes, transforming your device into a virtual laptop with just a few taps, delivering productivity gains.

Learn how to set up and enable Flex Mode on your Galaxy Z Fold4 5G by following the steps below.

initial settings

It all starts with the settings button on the home screen. Click on it and go to the item that appears as “advanced resources” and then click on the “Labs” item, the first one on the list. Enable Flex Mode with the desired settings for easy management of screens and applications on the device. For S Pen use, also enable the list item that will allow annotations.

Ready! Now that the initial configuration is defined, you are ready to use the “Flex Mode”. The calculator in this mode, for example, uses the top of the screen as the calculation display, while the bottom screen features keys that contain numbers and operations. In the multi-window options, for example, more than one app can be opened in “Flex Mode”.

Learn how to join a video call with your Galaxy Z Fold4 in Flex Mode:

1 – Access your video call through your favorite calling application with the cell phone open vertically.

2- Turn the device to the left, leaving the division of the fold with one part up and one down.

3- Notice if the rear and front cameras are at the top of the device. Keeping the camera on the top screen makes it easier to participate in video calls.

Then go to the bottom taskbar by touching the screen or the touchpad sidebar, easily accessed by dragging your finger from the top right corner to the left, to choose the apps you want to open in the same interface, which can be notepad or any other. Once the app is chosen, simply click on the icon, hold it for a moment, and drag it to the lower flip screen. Repeat the step by step if you still want to open a third app on the same screen.

Finally, if you want to swap windows, simply tap the three dots in the center of the screen, at the center boundary between the windows, and choose the best option for each view.

Allowing personalization of your Samsung smartphone means making sure that your device always offers the best performance according to your needs, with freedom of use, wide connectivity and a lot of style. Enjoy!

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