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Is called Nicholas Nanut the 30-year-old boy who died today, Tuesday 23 May, following an accident at work in Mariano del Friuli. The incident took place in an industrial area, in the Aps Arosio plant. It happened around 1.30am. For reasons under investigation by the police, he was crushed while working with a machine.

After the call for help reached the single emergency number Nue112, the Sores nurses sent the crew of an ambulance from Monfalcone and the ambulance to the scene. As far as they are concerned, they activated the firefighters who operated in full synergy with the health personnel. Unfortunately, the life-saving maneuvers were useless: for the young man there was nothing left to do but decree death.

The area of ​​the plant was seized, the deputy prosecutor Giulia Ferri Faggioli intervened on the spot. The victim is a man residing in Cormons but originally from Monfalcone. Investigations conducted by the carabinieri of the Gradisca d’Isonzo company.

«The death at work of a young worker, last night in Mariano, is news that we learn with profound sadness, a drama that affects the entire community. In the face of the white deaths we are all called, institutions first and foremost, to reflect on the necessary and continuous strengthening of security – says the leader of the Democratic Party in the regional council, Diego Moretti – Safety in the workplace must be a common commitment of businesses, workers and institutions”.

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2023-05-23 08:56:58

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