Accidental misreading of Nitteleana “ Dozens of feathers ” Mistakes in live broadcasting Net impact “ No good ” “ It seems to be a black history ”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Nippon Television’s Machiko Sato announcer misread “several dozen feathers” as “kazujuuwa” in “Sukkiri” broadcast on September 21, 2022, and there is a tsukkomi on the Internet.

  • From Machiko Sato announcer’s Instagram (machiko.sato09)

  • Machiko Sato announcer.From NTV’s “Sukkiri” Twitter (@ntv_sukkiri)

  • From Machiko Sato announcer's Instagram (machiko.sato09)

“Kazujuwa no Tori”

At the beginning of “Sukkiri”, we introduce a rare incident that happened at the professional baseball game between Lotte and Orix at ZOZO Marine Stadium on the 20th. In the top of the 6th inning, in the VTR of the happening in which a flock of birds burst into the stadium and the game was interrupted, Ana Sato, who was reading the manuscript in the studio, misread “dozens of birds” as “Kazujuwa no Tori”. . It seems that many viewers realized the mistake because there was a telop in the video that said, “Dozens of birds rushed in”, but the co-stars did not point it out in the studio conversation immediately afterward, and it was ignored.

On SNS, “Kazujuwa? Suujuwa, isn’t it?” , Dozens of[Kazujyuwa]are useless…” “Kazujyuwa is going to become a black history unless you turn it into laughter,” a series of harsh voices from viewers.

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