World Accidentally drops a small black object while taking a...

Accidentally drops a small black object while taking a shower, this woman is in shock when she finds out the facts behind it, it turns out that her friend’s husband’s husband accidentally installed a hidden camera

Sosok.ID – Somehow this woman felt when she found out the terrible facts on bathroom his house.

The strange thing that he dropped while taking a shower turned out to be hidden camera installed by her friend’s husband.

Worse, the camera was deliberately installed to peek at him while taking a shower.

Reported Sosok.ID from the Mirror, the woman whose name was disguised as Xia Ni told the police that she dropped a small black object while taking a shower.

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The woman, in her early 2o years, said the object then fell to the bathroom floor.

The defendant, identified as Sheng, has now been arrested.

Sheng admits installing the hidden camera is just for “pleasure-seeking.”

Xiao Ni and Sheng’s wife, Xiao Jia, are known to have lived together in a hostel owned by the company they worked for in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China for many years.

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