According to the census, as of March 27, 2021, there were 10,524,167 inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Their average age was 42.7 years, and among those, 50.7% were women and 49.3% were men.

January 13 2021

According to results census lived on March 27 2021 in the Czech Republic 10,524,167 resident. Their average age was 42.7 let and among those counted, 50.7% were women and 49.3% were men. Compared to the past addition the number of people with higher levels of education has increased. Compared to 2011, almost 195,000 more houses were added.

Census 2021 began at the so-called decisive moment at midnight from March 26 to 27 and ended in Tuesday May 11 2021. It was historically the first online census in our history. Population of the Czech Republic amounted to 10,524,167 persons, which was 87.6 thousand more than the previous one addition in 2011. “It is very gratifying that a full 85% resident were added up electronically and paper forms thus became more of a supplementary form. It exceeded our original expectations. The Czech Statistical Office also made maximum use of it data from the registers national administration to burden respondents as little as possible, ” he says Marek Rojíček, Chairman of the Czech Statistical Office. Addition at the same time, the disease took place under unfavorable pandemic conditions covid-19.

Almost half resident (48.2%) lived in four regions – in the Capital City of Prague, end Central Bohemian, South Moravian a Moravian-Silesian. Capital Prague from others regions differs the lowest average age 41,4 let, the lowest share resident with Czech state citizenship (86.1%) and the highest share of university graduates (35.9%). IN Karlovy Vary a Ústí nad Labem region was the lowest proportion of college students and believers professing a church or religious society and the highest proportion of divorced and non-religious faiths. The oldest residents s average age 43,8 let lived in Zlín Region. V regions a higher share was evident in Moravia resident Moravian nationality.

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Average age resident reached 42.7 let, while it was slightly higher in women (44.1 let) than in men (41,2 let). From the previous one addition in 2011, men and women aged by an average of 1.7 let. Among those, they were children aged 0-14 let 16.1%, people of working age 63.5% and seniors aged 65 and over let 20.4%. Representation of children under 15 let reached the highest values ​​(17.9%) in Central Bohemian Region and the lowest (15.3%) in the Capital City of Prague and Karlovy Vary Region. In the productive age (15–64 let) was the highest proportion resident in the Capital City of Prague (66.3%) and the lowest in Hradec Králové end (61,9 %).

Of the sum resident aged 15 and over let 32.1% were single and 45.6% married. Among widows, women (13.3%) significantly outnumber men (2.9%).

According to Census 2021 accounted for 4.7% resident foreigners. Among them were in the population the highest proportion of people with state citizenship of Ukraine (1.4%), Slovakia (0.9%) and Vietnam (0.5%). Residents with a stranger state citizenship from EU countries accounted for 1.5% of the population and outside the EU for 3.2% of the population.

“WITH results addition It follows that the representation of people with higher levels of education in the Czech Republic continues to increase. The number of university graduates exceeded 1.5 million and compared to the previous one addition the number of people with a high school diploma has also increased, “ points out Robert Šanda, the case manager Census 2021. WITH fifteen years of age and older resident 53.1% already have at least a high school diploma or higher. People with a secondary education or apprenticeship without a GCSE make up about a third of the population, as do those with a high school diploma. Share resident with a university degree was 18.7% (in 2011 it was 13.2%).

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68.4% answered the voluntary question on nationality resident. 83.8% of those who filled in the question on nationality declared themselves to be of Czech nationality (specifically 6,033,621 persons), 5.0% (359,621 persons) of Moravian nationality and 0.2% of Silesian nationality. Of the other nationalities, nationality was most often declared Slovak (1.3%), Ukrainian (1.1%) and Vietnamese (0.4%). Opposite Addition 2011 increased population belonging to two nationalities. The most common combinations are Czech – Moravian (179 721 persons), CzechSlovak (59 336 persons), Czech – European (5,379 persons), Czech – Roma (12,472 persons) and CzechGerman (9 936).

The answer to religious belief, which was also a voluntary question, was completed by 69.9% resident. In response, 18.7% of them declared that they were believers and belonged to a church or religious society. Of the churches and religious societies, the Roman Catholic Church was the most represented, representing one tenth of all responses (741.0 tis. persons). The answer “without religious faith” accounted for more than two thirds (68.3%) of the answers.

“Housekeeping fond has grown to 2,353,024 houses in the Czech Republic, which is almost 195,000 more than in 2011. In the last 30 let their number in our country has even increased by more than 484 thousand, which represents a fifth of the total housing stock, “ says Robert Sanda. The most common type of homeowner was natural persons, who owned 88.4% of all homes. The second most common form of ownership was “co-ownership of apartment owners (units)”, which was registered in 146,799 houses. The ownership structure of the houses was not the first time in history addition found directly from respondents, but was derived from recorded data in real estate cadastre. Roughly one in four houses in the Czech Republic dates back to before 1946.

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Published today data The Czech Statistical Office will further supplement it in greater territorial detail in the coming months. In the second and third quarters 2022 information about apartments and other characteristics will be added population. They will be published in the fourth quarter data about households and commuting. All current information, including tables and cartograms, is listed on the website


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