According to the judgment of the European Court of Justice: Economic Wing of the Union refuses work time recording


The CDU and CSU SME Association rejects the general duty to record working time required by the European Court of Justice according to a report.

«No more bureaucracy, but more flexibility is needed», quoted the «Bild am Sonntag» from a resolution of the association. The obligation to collect runs both "contrary to the modern flexibility wishes of the workers" and also leads to "excessive bureaucracy for employers". Therefore, the daily maximum working time should be abolished and replaced by a maximum weekly working time.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Tuesday that employers should be required to systematically record the full working hours of all employees. The unions welcomed this as protection against unpaid overtime and availability around the clock. Employers warn of new bureaucracy.

All EU countries must require employers to set up an "objective, reliable and accessible system" to record the daily working hours provided by each worker. How the systems look exactly, the EU states can decide. There is thus scope for implementation and also the option of exemptions for individual activities which, for example, can not be measured precisely.


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