Accused gynecologist will not treat immigrants from ICE detention center – Telemundo Utah

HOUSTON – Immigration authorities stopped sending detained immigrants to a Georgia gynecologist accused of performing surgeries without consent, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

Dr. Mahendra Amin faces accusations of performing hysterectomies and other procedures on the women in the Irwin County Detention Center did not request or fully understand. Amin has cared for at least 60 detained women, Andrew Free, one of the lawyers investigating medical care provided at the immigrant jail, said Tuesday.

Bryan Cox, a spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), confirmed that Amin will no longer see patients, but declined to comment further due to the Department of Security’s general inspection investigation. National remains open.

Irwin County Hospital issued a statement in which it defended Amin’s actions, noting that “he has been a longtime member of the Irwin County Hospital medical staff and has had a good reputation throughout the service he has provided to the Irwin County Community ”.

The statement made no mention of Amin’s role as CEO of MGA Health Management, a company that began managing Irwin County Hospital in 1996, according to the medical center’s website.

According to the statement, Amin operated on two detained women who were referred to the hospital for hysterectomies. Heath Clark, the hospital’s general counsel, did not respond to questions about whether Amin performed hysterectomies in cases where the women were referred for another initial cause.

It took 30 years to achieve residency and now the arrival of the card is delayed.

Clark also did not say how many procedures he had performed that could put women’s ability to have children at risk, including removal of ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Scott Grubman, Amin’s attorney, did not respond to a request for comment.

The accusations against the doctor were first revealed in a complaint filed last week by a nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center. The nurse, Dawn Wooten, claimed that many of the women were taken to a gynecologist, whom she did not identify, and referred to as the “uterus collector” due to the large number of hysterectomies he had performed.

Even DNA tests would request the immigration authorities. To see more from Telemundo, visit

The Associated Press reported Friday that at least eight women have been referred to Dr. Amin since 2017 for gynecological care. Free said Tuesday that a team of attorneys had heard from dozens more women who had raised concerns about the doctor.

“It was a long time ago to stop sending women to this doctor and the companies that provide services on his behalf,” Free said, adding that he is concerned that women detained at the facility could be retaliated against for reporting the doctor.

Scott Sutterfield, an executive at LaSalle Corrections, the company in charge of managing the detention center, indicated that the company “would not take or threaten to take any action” against detainees who report information “in good faith.”


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