Accused of Blasphemy, Sri Lankan Man Burned in Pakistan, Here’s Case Chronology

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ISLAMABAD – A native man Sri Lanka, Priyantha Kumara (48), who is the manager of a sports equipment factory in Pakistan, became a victim of abuse.

He was persecuted by mobs who accused him of blaspheming Islam on Friday (12/3/2021).

Priyantha’s persecution case has captured the attention of residents, activists and officials Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Activist and Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan lamented the act of ‘playing judge himself’ committed by the citizens Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family in Sri Lanka is demanding justice for Priyantha.

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The following are facts regarding the case of maltreatment of Sri Lankan men in Pakistan, quoted from: Al Jazeera.


Priyantha was persecuted by a mob who were workers at the factory where she worked, in Sialkot, Pakistan.

The workers accused him of desecrating posters with the Prophet Muhammad written on them.

Police said he was beaten with sticks, fists and kicked by dozens of mobs, before being dragged onto the street outside the factory, then set on fire.

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