Accused of Involving Ulama in Politics, Sandiaga Uno Opens His Voice

Message from Menparekraf/Kabaparekraf Sandiaga Uno in Technical Guidance Activities and Exhibition: Works for Indonesia, Sunday (29/8/2021). (Source:

KUTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Parekraf) Sandiaga Uno opened his voice after being accused of involving clerics related to the interests of being a presidential candidate (Capres) in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Sandiaga Uno stated that he had absolutely no thoughts of politics and only focused on Tourism and Creative Economy.

“I focus on Parekraf. I don’t think about it at all (politics). I always glorify the ulama,” he said in the video received Compass TV, Sunday (19/12/2021).

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The former 2019 Vice Presidential Candidate insisted on not being divided on political issues and prioritizing associations.

“So that’s my response. I focus on Parekraf. I believe this is the most important thing for us to be united. Let’s not be divided, especially by political issues that are still very far away,” he stressed.

“My focus is the revival of our tourism,” concluded Sandiaga.

Previously, it was reported that Sandiaga Uno was considered to be using the Ijtima Ulama Forum for his interests in the presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

One of those who opposed it was Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Gerindra Kamrussamad, and urged Sandiaga Uno to apologize.

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