Accused of killing a musician with guitar hits

A musician accused of having murdered a member of his group with a guitar hit then allegedly dismembered the corpse, which was never found.

“The victim was sleeping on a sofa, in the studio part of the apartment,” said prosecutor Me Marie-Claude Bourassa, Wednesday at the opening of the trial of Raymond Henry Muller at the Montreal courthouse.

Muller, 54, is charged with the premeditated murder and contempt of the corpse of Cedric Gagnon, a 39-year-old musician with whom he played at his home on Bernard Street in Montreal. The place, which also served as a studio, had been nicknamed the “Rock Hotel” by members of the group.

Gagnon, who was homeless, lived mainly there, or with other friends. According to a police officer who had carried out research following his disappearance, he had been described by relatives as a true music enthusiast.

However, on July 4, 2018, he was allegedly assassinated by Muller. And as a murder weapon, the accused allegedly used the victim’s bass guitar.

“His last message was a text message to his girlfriend,” said the prosecution.

For almost two months, Mr. Gagnon’s death went unnoticed. He had been reported missing and the police had started their search.

During these, the police learned that the disappeared had started to change his habits as early as June, and that he appeared depressed and suicidal, which worried relatives who reported his disappearance.

“On July 1, he had to see friends to go to a music festival, it was inconceivable for them that he did not show up there,” testified a police officer. Music was really important to him. ”

Except that everything collapsed at the end of August, when the police went to the “Rock Hotel” following calls to 911. On the spot, they discovered Muller there, in a bathtub, with injuries he had suffered. ‘was itself inflicted.

“On a frying pan, they found a notebook with a suicide note,” said the prosecutor. The note detailed how he killed Mr. Gagnon and how he disposed of the body. The “Rock Hotel” has become a crime scene. ”

Already in the hospital, Muller was immediately arrested. Questioned by an investigator, he allegedly confessed to the murder. Worse yet, he allegedly explained that the day before, he had slept in a park and returned home with the aim of killing his music partner.

“Between July 1 and his suicide attempt, he moved on with his life,” said the Crown. He even planned a tour with his group, but without Cedric Gagnon. ”

The victim’s blood was then allegedly discovered in the studio and kitchen of the accused’s home.

The trial, chaired by Judge Lyne Décarie, is scheduled to last several weeks. Muller, who has pleaded not guilty, is represented by criminal lawyers Me Andrew Barbacki et Me Jordan Trevick, while Me Alexis Dinelle and Me Marie-Claude Bourassa is in charge of the pursuit.


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