ACÉPO reaffirms its pluralist character

Denis Chartrand, president of the Eastern Ontario Public School Board, was recently re-elected to a fifth term as President of theACÉPO, the regrouping of the four Franco-Ontarian public school boards (non-denominational)

And Sylvie Landry, the president of the Viamonde School Board, was re-elected as vice-president for a third term.

At its annual general meeting on January 30, ACÉPO presented its 2020 annual report, unveiled its new 2020-2025 strategic plan and took the opportunity to reaffirm “the pluralistic nature of the French-language public education system”.

Pandemic year

“Since March, the school counselors, education directors, administrative teams and educational teams of our four school boards have worked tirelessly, with determination, openness, commitment, innovation, patience and above all with heart, to do whatever is necessary to ensure the best possible learning environment for their students, their families, their staff, and their communities, ”said Mr. Chartrand.

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