ACME Group’s income grew by 12 percent last year. up to 654 million euros | Business

Last year, the results and growth of the group’s 36 companies in the Baltic States were mainly influenced by the ongoing market demand for electronic devices distributed by major companies since the beginning of the pandemic, partnerships with new device manufacturers, and the development of new activities, ACME Group reported.

“The second year of the pandemic did not shy away from challenges for some companies, there was still a lack of electronic devices on the market, the activity of movie theaters was limited, and there were no shortage of other restrictions of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the companies of the group managed to react quickly, ensure e. equipment supply chain, offer new brands to the market and exploit new business opportunities”, said Sergejus Artemiukas, head of ACME Group, in a statement.

According to him, the first half of this year, despite the war in Ukraine, was quite successful, the group hopes to maintain growth.

“What the second half of the year will look like is quite difficult to predict due to the great uncertainty of variable geopolitical, energy and economic factors.” We hope to maintain moderate income growth”, says S. Artemiukas.

The group’s export accounted for 58 percent. total circulation, it went to 48 countries. Over 430 employees work in ACME Group companies in the Baltic States.

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