Acquaintances described the Bratislava woman, who won 501 thousand euros

29.8. 18:00

We know who wrote the controversial rules of the vaccination lottery. they wrote to Matovič. A young Bratislava woman with a visage from a model won half a million euros.

It is not known whether the vaccine lottery will increase the number of vaccinated or rather gamblers in Slovakia, but we are right to start talking about the television act of the decade. The first part for serious trampling aspires to the entertainment program of the year, but it fulfilled its marketing function perfectly. The numbers are rising. The other sequels were watched by 870 thousand Slovaks at RTVS and a certain Manuela from Bratislava received the highest prize of 501 thousand euros. In shock, it was deleted from social networks on Sunday evening, so its namesake from the capital experienced hard times. And what’s going on behind the scenes on TV? The term “lottery” is fiercely defended in Mlynská dolina, the format is called “vaccination premium”. “Given that its announcer is the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, which also set the rules,” stressed for PLUS 7 DAYS eloquently.

The best they had

Hysterical antivaxers can be shattered out of anger, but even those who have been vaccinated selflessly for humane reasons have doubts. Well, ordinary people need bread and games, they knew it in ancient Rome, and Igor Matovič also understands this, who usually implements his projects at all costs. The result is twelve nearly hourly Sunday live broadcasts and another 55 ten-minute sessions that are broadcast on other days. The whole television show cost 1.8 million euros. The public RTVS worked on the preparation of the show Being Healthy is a win in which they distributed money to registered Slovaks after vaccination, and worked for several weeks. “The basis was to increase public interest in vaccinations, thus preventing overcrowding of hospitals and overcrowding of medical staff during the autumn’s third wave, as well as further lockdowns and economic closures.” Andrea Pivarčiová, a TV spokeswoman, explains the logical reasons.

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Due to extraordinary circumstances, the project was apparently sewn with a hot needle. At RTVS, they argue that they hired the best they had. “Creators who have experience with licensing formats and large television projects are working on its preparation. The members of the development department closely followed current trends in similar types of programs in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany or the Netherlands, but it is always necessary to take into account the local specificity. “

It turned out that our local specificity is inconsistency. The rules of the competition were compiled by officials at the Ministry of Finance, where they forgot about the laws of physics. The competitor Zuzana z Solivaru lost the 400,000 euro prize only because, due to the delayed signal in the online broadcast, her password was not displayed on the screen within a time limit of 20 seconds, so she had no place to read it. The blind, the deaf, the workers, for whom the unfair rules changed during the competition, protested. A sign language translator joined the studio last week, the password was displayed a few minutes longer, and the moderators repeated it aloud several times for the blind, and an authorized representative could compete for the draw.

Did they go below cost?

The notary who verifies the course of the competition is not visible on the screen, but according to RTVS he is sitting directly in the studio with a representative of the Ministry of Finance. “They need space and facilities with technical equipment to be able to verify the drawn competitors in real time in a database that contains the personal data of all competitors. This is a security measure to protect personal data. “ we found out.

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As for the moderators, the telephony did not reach its own but commercial faces. Why? “The opportunity to commit to intensive twelve weeks for this type of project was also a challenging criterion. We considered casting several faces from both external and internal environments, taking into account their previous experience in a similar type of session. We have decided to cast proven moderators who have already appeared in RTVS shows in the past, “ Pivarčiová specified for us.

The choice fell on Marcel Forgáč and Vera Wisterová, so they both passed the criteria of “empathy, emotion and humanity” that the creators were looking for in moderators. “We are aware that we are working with a topic that is currently polarizing the social space, so we were looking for personalities who have a chance to connect and bring perspective and a certain kind of distance. It is an extremely challenging position and it is important that moderators identify with this topic. “ they told us at RTVS. Although the astronomical fee of around 30,000 euros is causing a stir, according to the TV experts we spoke to, the moderators went “below cost”. By comparison, Jasmina Alagič should have the talent to collect a similar fee for the latest Czech Republic Slovakia series. At the same time, she will only moderate the finals live, she filmed the castings from which the other parts are cut for eight days.

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PHOTO of the winner and jokes from the vaccination lottery in the GALLERY >>>

The winner? Handy and nice

Finally, hundreds of thousands of euros are distributed every week in the vaccination lottery. As if the plaster had not fallen “on the head” of the patients in our hospitals, they had all the necessary equipment at their disposal, the medical staff did not run away from the country. Fortunately, the half-million win ended in the hands of a young Bratislava woman, about whom her acquaintances express themselves only in superlatives. “She’s clever and amazingly nice, she mostly does commercials and movies. He’s dating one director, “ they told us about Manuel with the look of a model who makes a living as a make-up artist.

According to the available information, we have often seen her work in television commercials, in the past she portrayed rapper Patrik Rytmus Vrbovský, singer Sima Martausová, Emma Drobná and many others. Knowledge of show business probably caused her to delete accounts on social networks immediately after winning. Therefore, the curious people started attacking another Manuel from Bratislava, who coincidentally works in the advertising industry as well. “People, I did not win anything, no 500 thousand euros, although a pity. I received a hundred requests for friendship. “ the winner’s name tag marveled only a few hours after Sunday’s broadcast.


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