Across the Strait of Hormuz: Trump announces the destruction of the Iranian drone by the US navy ship

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Trump announces the destruction of the Iranian drone by the US Navy ship

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This is what US President Trump says

The "USS Boxer" shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. The drone is said to have approached the warship less than 1000 meters. Several requests for removal have ignored them, states US President Trump.

The United States reportedly shot down an Iranian drone on the Strait of Hormuz.

  • The "USS Boxer" had undertaken a "defensive action against an Iranian drone".
  • Iran claims to have previously held a foreign oil tanker and arrested the crew.

DThe crew of the US Navy US Boxer ship destroyed an Iranian drone on Thursday in the Strait of Hormuz, according to President Donald Trump. This had come very close to the ship and threatened the safety of the ship and its crew, Trump said in Washington. Iran, for its part, claimed to have arrested a foreign oil tanker not far from the Persian Gulf and arrested the crew.

Trump said several requests to withdraw the drone were ignored. Be destroyed immediately. "It is the last of the many provocative and hostile actions of Iran against ships operating in international waters," he complained. The United States has the right to defend its interests, institutions and employees. He invited other countries to condemn the actions of Iran.

From the Pentagon it was said that the incident had occurred Thursday at 10 am (local time). The US US Boxer was in international waters when the drone approached. It is now in the Persian Gulf. The US Department of Defense declined to comment on how the drone was destroyed.

Iran, according to Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Sarif, has no knowledge of a military drone destroyed by the United States. Iran has no information on the loss of a drone, the minister said Thursday at the UN headquarters in New York.

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An oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz: ships should be better protected from Iranian attacks in the future

US research for allies

The Guardians of the Iranian revolution (IRGC) had previously announced on their web portal that they had stopped a foreign ship with a million liters of oil smuggled near the Strait of Hormuz and arrested the twelve members of the foreign crew. As can be seen in a video showing Iranian television Press TV, this is the "Riah" tanker, whose signal suddenly disappeared off the coast of Iran last weekend.

The video shows two motorboats in orbit around the "Riah". According to the website "Marine Traffic", the tanker sent its position last Saturday south of Keschm island for the last time. The ship was stopped, according to Iranian information on Sunday. Anyone who currently owns a relatively small tanker, 68 meters long, is unclear.

Iran accuses the illegal smuggling oil crew. The operation was in line with the Iranian struggle against oil smuggling in the Persian Gulf and was coordinated in advance with the competent authorities and the judiciary, the Revolutionary Guard said.

Extremely tense situation

The situation in the US-Iran conflict has been extremely tense for a long time. In recent weeks there have been several incidents in the sea area.

In June, two oil tankers were damaged in serious accidents in the Gulf of Oman. The Americans have accused Iran of attacks. Tehran has rejected the charges. Shortly after the incident, the US military reported that an Iranian missile was trying to launch a US drone in the sea-affected area in the Gulf of Oman. The purpose of the action was obvious to prevent the observation of the tanker attack. The launch attempt was not successful.

Iranian revolutionary guards also shot down a reconnaissance drone in the United States on June 20 to presumably violate Iran's Persian Gulf airspace. The US government said the drone flew into international airspace.

Last week, an incident involving a British tanker caused international concern. According to British sources, three Iranian ships had tried to prevent a British merchant ship from crossing the Strait of Hormuz. However, a frigate forced them to shut down. Tehran has denied being involved in the accident.

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In Sadr City, a district of Baghdad, these men follow Friday street prayers, as the squares designated in front of the Imam stage are overcrowded

The fear of the new war in Iraq

The Strait of Hormuz is one of the most important sea routes in the world and plays a crucial role in the conflict between the United States and Iran. Almost a third of world oil exports are transported across the strait. Last year, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani even threatened to block the strait.

The United States is currently pursuing its initiative to protect merchant ships in the Persian Gulf. According to information provided by the German news agency, US representatives in Brussels this week in Brussels with NATO are working together to support the project and are informed about the current state of planning. Based on this, the main objective is to allow better monitoring of the Strait of Hormuz through greater military presence in the region.

For this Friday, the State Department and the US Department of Defense have scheduled a non-public meeting with diplomats on the issue in Washington.

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