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Dark action rougelite’s new work “Source of Madness” Steam Early Access version is online. The game is priced at NT$288 and supports simplified Chinese.

Some players said that “Source of Madness” has a unique artistic style, which looks like a living painting of Cthulhu. The design of the game characters and monsters is impressive, and the music and sound effects perfectly complement the game. The battle is fun and makes people addicted to it.

“Source of Madness” is a side-scrolling roguelite dark-style action game. The background setting is inspired by Lovecraft’s myth. It is driven by AI machine learning and is automatically generated by programs in a distorted world-Fertile Land. You will become a newcomer and embark on a nightmare journey to uncover the ultimate secret of the fertile land and the mysterious fortress of the moon—the tower of madness.







“Source of Madness” Steam page


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